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Drone Photography Services in Colchester, Essex

beda:photo are set up to provide affordable aerial drone photography, movies and surveys in and around Colchester, Essex, and the surrounding areas. We operate a full range of drone-based services for the construction, real estate and agriculture industries as well as private individuals and other organisations. Our aerial drone photography services include high resolution images for the property market, movies and video footage for UK businesses and organisations, and architectural surveys to provide a much quicker and cheaper solution to inspection problems than conventional methods.

Typical sample costs are:

  • Selection of high resolution aerial photos of property for sale (10-15 images) £150.00
  • Aerial photos and/or (unedited) video footage of outdoor events – £160.00 per half day
  • Aerial photos and/or (unedited) video footage of outdoor events – £300.00 per full day
  • Fully edited movie with soundtrack for web broadcast (usually 3 – 6 minutes) £560.00
  • Aerial drone roof/building inspection – £120
  • We use only the latest dedicated professional camera drones and our extensive experience of video and photographic processing means we can deliver the results you need, every time – within your budget.

    Low cost building surveys

    When it comes to inspecting a roof, the upper storeys of an apartment block, or a large industrial structure, a drone is usually the quickest, simplest and cheapest solution. If it's possible to fly a drone around and above the building we can film or photograph every detail of the required area for later review or liaise with the client for immediate real-time analysis on the spot. Once safe take off and landing areas have been established and the necessary risk assessments carried out, an average roof inspection takes less than two hours with images usually delivered the same day.

    Contact Details

    Birch House
    Orpen's Hill, Birch, Essex, UK, CO2 0LY

    +44 (0)7580 019969

    Drone photography

    Aerial photos

    Professional, high resolution images, fully optimised CAA approved pilotsBEDA:photo is fully CAA registered for professional aerial photography

    beda:photo use the latest aerial photography and video technology

    The unrivalled versatility of a drone, coupled with the expertise of a skilled photographer can easily and consistently produce photos impossible any other way.

    Drone video

    A new way of looking at your business

    Show your customers what you do Low cost video to promote your business

    Aerial photography of an historic church showing a close up view of the tower

    Video draws in visitors and potential customers like nothing else on the internet, and thanks to the latest technology, high quality professional video can now be produced quickly and easily, at much lower cost than in the past.

    Drone surveys

    Quick, easy, cost-effective

    Spot the problem quickly with a drone survey Minimal cost – maximum effectiveness

    Aerial photography showing extreme close up view of a church roof in Essex

    Drone surveys are quick, cheap and effective. A drone fitted with high resolution cameras can usually provide the necessary information faster, more cheaply and more safely than any of the alternatives.

    Get In Touch.

    Contact us to discuss your project and see how professional high resolution images, still or moving, can help solve your problem. It costs nothing to talk and we don't charge for estimates.

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