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Aerial drone photography in Colchester

beda:photo are set up to provide aerial drone photography in Colchester, Essex and the surrounding areas. As a licensed operator we are allowed to fly drones commercially anywhere in the UK, but in practice the majority of our work is carried out in Colchester, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Our aerial photography services include high resolution images for the real estate market, movies and video footage for local businesses and organisations, and architectural surveys to provide a much quicker and cheaper solution to inspection problems than conventional methods.

At beda:photo we have worked long and hard to put together a service that combines over 25 years of commercial photography experience with the latest airborne drone technology to provide our clients with the best combination of quality and cost effectiveness.

With our state of the art equipment, getting great aerial drone photography of property, industrial installations, events, people or landscapes has never been easier, with many simple jobs taking less than two hours to complete. We take care of all the arrangements, risk assessments and insurance for you, so working with beda:photo is a seamless, trouble-free experience.

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Birch House
Orpen's Hill, Birch, Essex, UK, CO2 0LY

+44 (0)7580 019969

Aerial photography

Aerial photography & video

Professional, high resolution images, 4K video CAA approved pilotsBEDA:photo is fully CAA registered for professional aerial photography

beda:photo use the latest aerial photography and video technology

The state of the art DJI drones we use make first class results quicker, easier and cheaper. Wide angle or telephoto lens interchangeability enables us to handle most situations easily.

Aerial video

Big quality in a small package

Capture the full scale with an aerial video of your event Minimal disturbance, minimum cost

Aerial photography of an historic church showing a close up view of the tower

High resolution still images, raw video footage or a fully finished movie. We can do it. The new DJI Phantom Pros we use can produce 20mp photos, 4K, 100 bit video and shoot at 60 frames per second for superb slow motion effects. We use them for tight spaces and tight budgets.

Ground based video

4K video, professional quality

Handheld for movement and spontaneity Minimal cost – maximum effectiveness

Aerial photography showing extreme close up view of a church roof in Essex

With highly effective and compact systems like this we can be in the thick of the action and still deliver professional results at a fraction of the traditional costs.

Get In Touch.

Contact us to discuss your project and see how professional high resolution images, still or moving, can help solve your problem. It costs nothing to talk and we don't charge for estimates.

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