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Aerial drone photography in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

beda:photo specialise in aerial drone photography and video in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. We use the latest drone technology and are based in Colchester, Essex, although we operate throughout the UK and beyond if required. We have been producing corporate photography and video for over 25 years and are fully qualified, CAA approved and insured for professional aerial photography.

Almost everyone now knows and understands the effectiveness of high impact images, particularly aerial photography and video, in grabbing the attention and turning visitors into customers, but putting that into practice has in the past often been too time consuming, expensive and unpredictable.

That's all changed. Simple but effective movies can be created for a lot less than you might imagine, and our versatile and cost effective drones can quickly and easily get you the kind of photos or footage that no other medium can.

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Aerial photography in Colchester.

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Birch House
Orpen's Hill, Birch Essex CO2 0LY, UK

+44(0)7580 019969

What we do

Aerial photography & video

Professional, high resolution video footage or photos CAA approved pilotsbeda:photo is fully CAA registered for professional aerial photography in the UK

If you're looking for someone to help you put together a professional quality movie for your website, or just shoot some high resolution aerial photography at a reasonable price, you need to talk to us. Our service is extremely flexible and can vary from straightforward aerial property photos taking an hour or so, to full promotional videos. Our standard minimum charge for property photography is £100.

Web videos

We can provide a complete solution video production, editing, hosting

We have all the in-house skills you need to film, produce and host your movie, whether it's added to an existing website or you need us to design, build and host your new site, we can do it all, at surprisingly reasonable prices. Contact us to discuss your project.


High impact images for business & industry

Commercial location & studio photography People in the workplace

Shops, offices, factories, external locations or in the studio; people portraits, people at work, in meetings or on the move, we've been shooting them for over 20 years. If you need professional quality images to add a touch of quality to your website or brochure, talk to us.

Versatile photographers, flexible prices

Security • Catering • Finance • Cosmetics • Packaging • Business • People

Because we have all the necessary photography, retouching, design and production skills in-house, we can add considerable value to your project, as well as keeping costs to a minimum. As a fully CAA accredited supplier we can now provide aerial photos or footage of almost anything from a handshake to an oil rig.


BEDA is a totally creative organisation and our roots are firmly in the business of creating high impact images and customer communications. If you want to know more about the design side of our business, visit the BEDA Design website

  • Aerial photography & video
  • Commercial photography
  • video production
  • Commercial photography
  • Brochure & web design

Client Testimonials

  • Great high resolution shots of the leaking roof, just what the client wanted, and much quicker and easier than setting up a cherry picker. We will definitely be using beda:photo again as they were very efficient, unobtrusive and totally safe....Property 360"

  • "Absolutely fantastic work. We had a leak into the top floor of our home and needed an inspection of our roof and photographs so we could get a quote for repairs but this required a drone. The work was meticulous and the high quality photos really help pinpoint the problems so repairs can be made. The price was more than reasonable and compared with scaffolding it was quick, non invasive and cost effective. Thank you..."

  • "BEDA have always come up with great images for us, and shown the ability to manipulate, retouch and adapt and apply them to our promotional vehicles, online and in print. Their work is always first class and they seem able to solve almost any problem..."

  • "We've been using beda:photo for years and we're very satisfied with their great aerial photography and video, as well as all the other services they offer. They always produce the goods, and we love their work and that we can just leave them to get on with it..."

  • "The new website has been designed from the ground up to improve the user's experience and make it easy for them to gain an insight into our services. Our thanks go to the team at Beda Design for delivering an outstanding quality product..."

  • ...even something as mundane as erecting a garden shed can look far easier on a simple video on your website. It also lets your customers see that you care enough about them getting maximum value from the product to make the extra effort."

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Contact us to discuss your project and see how professional images, still or moving, can help sell your business. It costs nothing to talk and we don't charge for estimates.

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