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Aerial surveys & inspections

Aerial survey isn't a new technology, but in the past it has mostly been carried out by expensive manned aircraft with all the associated limitations. Who, for instance, could imagine hiring a helicopter to inspect the lead flashing on the roof of your apartment block. If nothing else, the neighbours and authorities might have something to say about the noise, disturbance and risks.

A drone, on the other hand, can literally go where no aircraft has gone before and film or photograph in much greater detail, as the images on this page show. Drones are much more cost effective than any of the alternatives, scaffolding, lift platforms, towers etc., and also a lot quicker and safer. The disturbance element is also considerably less using a modern sophisticated camera drone, with the average detailed survey taking less than two hours with virtually no noise or inconvenience.

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Aerial photography & survey

Professional, high resolution images CAA approved pilotsBEDA:photo is fully CAA registered for professional aerial photography

Aerial photograph of historic church in Essex showing the whole structure

Photos taken from above are generally far more informative and can show the general condition, style and location of a building far more effectively.


Inspect inaccessible areas quickly and easily

Using a drone is quick and cost effective Minimal disturbance

Aerial photograph of an historic church in Essex showing a close up view of the tower

A camera drone can get to areas previously inaccessible without expensive specialist equipment or the time, money and manpower needed to erect complex scaffolding.


Close up, high resolution images

See every detail quickly and easily Minimal cost – maximum effectiveness

Aerial photograph showing extreme close up view of a church roof in Essex

With information like this it's much easier to make decisions about maintenance requirements, expenditure and scheduling, within minutes if necessary.


Quick, easy, cheap

Close up photography Instant information

Aerial photograph showing the roof and aerial view of the norman keep of Colchester Castle in Essex

The homeowners had reported a leak, but had no idea where it was. The roofing company had refused to inspect the roof without scaffolding. It took only one pass for the drone to spot where the seals had failed. We were able to inform the customer immediately and provide the high resolution photos to the contractors the same day.

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