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Aerial drone photography in the UK

Professional aerial photography in the UK is strictly controlled and if you have a need for some aerial photos or video it is essential to use only qualified, licensed operators to avoid potential legal problems. beda:photo are a fully licensed, qualified and insured professional organisation with CAA permission to fly camera drones within UK airspace. We also have a long track record of producing cost-effective, creative images and design for businesses from a wide variety of industries, which makes us unusually well qualified to produce professional quality aerial images with the style and impact you need to stand out from the crowd.

Our drones incorporate the latest UAV technology to ensure that we can provide aerial photography reliably, quickly, easily and as cost-effectively as possible and our extensive photographic experience enables us to add value at every stage of the process.

Aerial drone photography – How it works:

  • • You call us with your problem
  • • We provide you with an immediate cost estimate
  • • If the price is OK we carry out a risk assessment to ensure the project is safe and viable
  • • If the risk assessment is OK we arrange a date and time for the shoot
  • • Once the photography is completed we process the photos and/or video footage
  • • We deliver the finished images to you, usually the next day

The time taken varies greatly with each project, but as a rough guide a property shoot for an average sized house would take less than an hour, perhaps two if we are doing interiors as well.

Aerial drone photography – Why it works:

Aerial drone photography is effective because a drone can literally go where no aircraft has gone before and film or photograph in much greater detail. Drones are much more cost effective than any of the alternatives such as towers and also a lot quicker and safer. In this context, the term 'aerial photography' usually refers to images taken between 20 and 200 feet above ground level as this is the zone which produces the most striking images. It also highlights the sheer convenience and versatility of a professional camera drone, something no other medium can match.

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Aerial photographs tell the story

Professional, high resolution images CAA approved pilotsbeda:photo is fully CAA registered for professional aerial photography

Aerial photograph of reservoir dam showing the whole structure and surrounding countryside

Landscape and landscaping: This aerial photograph shows perfectly how well the new dam has been blended into the surrounding countryside.


Unusual angles for the interesting shots

Drones can get into positions like this quickly and easily Minimal disturbance

Aerial photograph of a security guard on patrol

A camera drone can get to areas previously inaccessible without expensive specialist equipment or the time, money and manpower needed to erect complex scaffolding.


Get almost any angle you want

See every detail quickly and easily Minimal cost – maximum effectiveness

Aerial photograph of an apartment block undergoing refurbishment

This shot was one of a series taken at 20ft intervals and from each side to show all aspects of the building and its situation.


Unusual angles

Famous landmarks from above. They look very different

Aerial photograph showing the grounds and aerial view of the Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk

Seen from the air, the layout of all the buildings in the grounds becomes immediately obvious, as well as showing the fabulous location.

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