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Aerial photography in Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk

beda:photo are based in Colchester, Essex and set up to serve the whole of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. As a CAA licensed operator we are allowed to fly drones commercially anywhere in the UK and we have successfully carried out aerial photography in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, London and the West Country, but most of our work is carried out in East Anglia and the South East.

The advantages of using a local operator for aerial photography are obvious, and the advantages of using beda:photo include over 25 years' experience of commercial photography for a wide variety of industries, a comprehensive range of in-house skills to ensure your project comes to fruition successfully and a low cost base to provide the best possible value for money.

We now apply the same skills and principles to aerial photography and video, and our extensive knowledge of local conditions, regulations, restrictions and locations means we can provide clients who need aerial photography or video in Essex, Suffolk or Norfolk with a quick, flexible and above all, cost-effective service to the highest standards

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Birch House
Orpen's Hill, Birch, Essex, UK, CO2 0LY

+44(0)1206 912016


Aerial photography & video

Professional, high resolution images, 4K video CAA approved pilotsbeda:photo is fully CAA registered for professional aerial photography

Aerial photography of agricultural machinery manufacturing & sales

Aerial photos and videos of agricultural equipment at work have become standard practice in the industry.


Get the big picture

Capture the full scale with an aerial video of your event Minimal disturbance, minimum cost

Aerial photography of an historic church showing a close up view of the tower

High resolution still images, raw video footage or a fully finished movie. We can do it.


Close up, high resolution aerial photos

Selling or maintaining Minimal cost – maximum effectiveness

Aerial photography showing extreme close up view of a church roof in Essex

It's much easier to make decisions about maintenance requirements, expenditure and scheduling, if you have detailed images to hand.

Get In Touch.

Contact us to discuss your project and see how professional high resolution images, still or moving, can help solve your problem. It costs nothing to talk and we don't charge for estimates.

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