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Inserting some aerial photography or video footage into a movie is one of the most effective ways to add interest and information. It can impart movement to static objects like buildings, show aspects just not visible from ground level and provide instant context, like the location of a house, for example. beda:photo are based in Colchester for aerial photography using drones in Essex, East Anglia, but operate throughout the UK and beyond. We can take aerial photos or video anywhere you can fly a drone and produce high quality 4K finished movies for marketing or promotional purposes.

beda:photo can provide raw footage for you to edit yourself, or we can produce the entire video from start to finish. In a world where one third of all online activity is spent watching video, it's vital to have video content on your website, not just once in a while, but on a constant and ongoing basis.

A picture is still worth a thousand words on the internet, but a video is worth a million. Producing videos doesn't have to be expensive. Talk to us and discover just how reasonably it can be done.

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Aerial video

Industry in action

Short promotional videos We can create the whole movie

Aerial video footage from a drone can be effectively interwoven with ground-based images for short, cost effective promotional movies.

Video loops

Set the scene for your story with a short intro loop

See it from a new perspective Catch your visitors' attention

A camera drone is perfect for showing your customers a different perspective.


Show it from all angles

See every detail quickly and easily Minimal cost – maximum effectiveness

Tell your story from every angle, add context, perspective and information.

Add movement & interest

See it from all angles Sell it more effectively

It's much quicker and easier to get the picture with aerial video.

Great for sporting or leisure events

There's no better way to capture the excitement See all the action

Most action sports are much easier to film from a drone and truly come to life when seen from the air.

Get In Touch.

Contact us to discuss your project and see how professional high resolution images, still or moving, can help solve your problem. It costs nothing to talk and we don't charge for estimates.

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