About beda:photo

Nothing sells a property quite like an aerial photo. Location, location, location!

Beda has been a creative organisation for over 30 years and we have a long history of producing design, photography and video for some of the most prestigious clients around, particularly in the corporate sector.

These days we are concentrating mainly on photography and video, with airborne imagery always in mind, chiefly because flying drones around and being out shooting on location is far more fun than being chained to a mac!

Because of our background we do have an intimate knowledge of the requirements of the printing industry (what’s left of it) and the internet, so you will always get the right product for your needs from us.

There is still a need for good travel photos
Drone roof surveys are far quicker, cheaper and easier than any other method. This valley was hidden between two roofs and could only be inspected from the air. The broken tiles had resulted in a persistent leak into the building and the photos pinpointed exactly where remedial work was required.

An increasing part of our business is rooftop surveys and it is fair to say that few other methods compare with the ease of using a drone. An average survey takes between one and two hours and produces high resolution images which can enable clients to quickly pinpoint leaks and areas which require attention.

No need for scaffolding, expensive cherry pickers or traffic diversions.